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Professional American Sign Language/English Interpreting and Deaf/blind Intervening

We provide interpreting and intervening on a "fee for service" basis.

Some of the areas we serve: Business, Staff meetings, Police, Child and Family Services, AISH, PDD, Legal, Medical, Conferences, Education, Workshops, WCB Appointments, Banks, Weddings, Funerals, Interviews, New Hire Training, Debates, Theatre, Federal Government Service Appointments, Alberta Government Service Appointments and more...

All of our Sign Language Interpreters are graduates of recognized interpreter training education programs and are active members in the Asscociation of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada. Our Interpreters are regularly monitored for ongoing customer satisfaction.

To request an Interpreter or Intervenor please send a detailed email to or text/call 780-554-6083.

Our customers are always advised in advance if fees apply to their request and how much those fees will be. We require funding approval prior to confirming an Interpreter or Intervenor for any request.